OMP Mechtron’s skills & capabilities meet the medical device’ sector

OMP Mechtron’s skills & capabilities meet the medical device’ sector


OMP Mechtron Group is now developing its business versus a new sector: medical device.  This challenge is supported by OMP flexibility and, OMP’s aim to be wherever the market needs more specific skills and capabilities.

OMP built its reputation thanks to its ability to be not a supplier but a partner for its clients: its technologies and know-how can be easily applied in different sectors if these demonstrate that they can be profitable on a long-term business plan.

Based on a recent report edited by Assobiomedica, the medical device market is expected to grow during the next years on a worldwide basis, thanks to surviving a crisis that involved the market for many years.

It is important to underline that OMP Mechtron is starting to pay more attention to this market thanks to new customers. During the last months its technical department had started to develop new technologies to supply devices and integrated boxes specifically designed for the medical sector.

All the OMP Mechtron plants, (Italy, Mexico and China) are working with growing companies that decided to invest in the medical sector with volumes that are still medium, but with a prospect of stable growth during the years.

In addition to its general growth prospective, the medical sector can be interesting for its possibility of differentiation. An example can be a recent project that we are developing in collaboration with a company leader in imaging devices developed for the veterinary world; the goal for OMP is to support its customer to develop diagnostic instruments able to satisfy any type of request.

This is just one example of the commitment that the entire OMP team all over the world is using to drive the company into a new and challenging market with the aim to continuously improve our skills and increase our brand awareness to new sectors.