OMP Mechtron aspire for Industy 4.0 as well as others 30 years of excellence

OMP Mechtron aspire for Industy 4.0 as well as others 30 years of excellence


During these days, OMP Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary. OMP was born with the initial aim to distribute 19 inch standard mechanics for the electronic integration market. In 2004, OMP supplemented the distribution activity with a production department completely dedicated to mechanical assembly and the wiring of in-house built racks and subracks.

Between 2005 and 2007, OMP acquired the production plants of its mechanical supplier. This helped OMP to become entirely autonomous for design and production of mechanics integrated for electronics. Between 2007 and 2009, OMP started its process of internalized sales and production, with the aim to change its status from a local Italian company to a “pocket-sized” multinational.

Also, if OMP Mechtron is keeping a 100% Italian’s DNA, today it can boast productive plants in 3 continents. This element helps OMP to be competitive not only with its products, but also with its service to customers.

OMP’s success can be easily found, not only in its ability on crossing the national bounds, but especially in its ability to continuously innovate itself, as well as in its continuous attention towards both product and process quality, as well as in a team of well prepared and motivated people.

So, the next step that OMP Mechtron is going to undertake is related to the challenge of the Industry 4.0. From one side OMP is the partner of some of the major players in the robotics market, like ABB Robotics, Comau and Staubli, undisputed leaders in the worldwide scene of the “fourth industrial revolution”, and, on the other side OMP has recognized its need to update its productive plant through a complete transformation in this direction.
OMP’s goal in the medium period is to address its supply chain towards a leaner direction, implementing a smart production system inside its plants, using in the right and best way, all the new technologies like Big Data, Data Analysis, and cloud computing etc.

The main goal for the Italian company is to create by the end of 2018, a project that includes the automation of the entire productive site, that will be totally integrated with the company’s ERP system. The new system will be completely integrated and strengthened with the extension of new technologies able to make OMP a “paperless” and “real time”’ company, as well as an avant-garde company respective to its customers and competitors, a company ready to deal with 30 more years of excellence.