We create mechanical and electronic integration systems for many different types of applications. We work with passion, using innovative processes and highly qualified people. Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with each customer to create excellence together.
Our team is based in 3 continents, thus our work is enriched by different cultures, yet unified by the same entrepreneurship and the will to succeed, making us proud to be part of this family. We work with dignity and integrity, day by day, contributing to the creation of a more connected and sustainable world.


OMP Mechtron SPA has acknowledged its responsibility as an ever growing global company and committed to the implementation of the principles here Stated, Concerning the Quality of the products delivered, the protec: on and preservation of the Environment, the Health and the Safety of all its Employees, Customers and Contractors.

OMP Mechtron SPA considers These principles as a strategic tool to Exceed Customers' expectations and comply with all applicable rules and regulations at once, to be pursued through the involvement of all its Employees, in each location in cui it operates.


Recognizes itself in the forefront of development technologies and continuous improvement processes in order to comply with all applicable rules and regulations, meet and early Industrial Standards and Customer's requirements, delivering products on time and at a fair market price, thus honoring the commitments made.


is the carried out applying the Following principles:

  • To comply with all applicable Rules and Regulations and periodically review objectives, practices and procedures in order to improve EHS performance;
  • To develop technologies and production processes Which allow a ra: one usage of energy sources, not-renewable resources and raw materials;
  • To develop products That can be serviced and disposed safely Thus minimizing the production of waste and the environmental impacts on soil, water and air;
  • To provide Employees with safe working conditions and appropriate training to support them in performing Their tasks in an healthy, safe and environmental conscious manner.
The above policies are Mentioned Regularly reviewed and updated and spread to all Employees and Stakeholders.

Andrea Conte
Chief Executive Officer