Our certifications

OMP is globally certified ISO 9001-2008, and the Usmate HQ is also certified ISO14001. These certifications are a guarantee of our ability to offer innovative products and services in line with modern standards and current regulations. Certification is OMP’s commitment to the market, underlining our capability to be up to date about new technologies as well as to be able to support the needs of our markets of reference.

A global presence helps OMP to offer the features and services of an international company, while at the same time, it can follow its customers for the entire work cycle, from the offer until the product delivery.

Product certifications are determinated by OMP in collaboration with its customers with the aim to process specific requests and to guarantee a product with high technological content that is in line with the requested quality standard. A good example of this are the mass-produced parts with the compliance declaration and the certification of the raw materials used to manufacture the products, as well as certifications of compliance with the ROHS and Reach regulations.