A Triple I conversation between four “Excellent Entrepreneurs” and Angela Antetomaso

A Triple I conversation between four “Excellent Entrepreneurs” and Angela Antetomaso


Hosted by Ambassador Terraciano, interviewed by the Television Anchor Angela Antetomaso, during the afternnon of November 10 th , at the prestigious headquarters of the Italian Embassy in London, 4 brilliant Italian managers and entrepreneurs , selected by Global Strategy, talked about internationalization, corporate governance and the future of the Italian industry on a global scale.

Maurizio Galante, Group COO and GM of OMP Mechtron Italy, was one of the managers involved in this interesting “Triple I conversation” (Italian Immaginative Innovators).
The round table discussion took place in front of an audience of public and private edge funds, private investors interested in Italian business companies, like OMP, with an Italian DNA but a 100% international mindset that are always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

Maurizio Galante, the founder of the Chinese branch of OMP Group, who has more than 10 years of management experience, underlined how the strategic choice of Andrea Conte, Group CEO, to move out of Italy during the crisis, can be considered a key element for the success that OMP has achieved during the years.

Mr. Galante introduced OMP Mechtron as a pocket-sized multinational, “that identifies itself based on its reference markets thanks to its global footprint and for its choice to work in partnerships with its customers implementing co-design and design to cost projects ”. These elements make OMP a flexible company, very attractive to “the biggers” operating in the Telecom, Railway and Robotics sectors, markets that make 75% of OMP’s entire turnover.

The challenge that OMP supported during all these years is to be “local” in the different worldwide locations in which its business was going to grow. During the round table discussion Mr. Galante underlined more than once, how important it is for an international company, to have “local people” if you want to have “local partners”. “Being close to our customers, giving them services as well as a quality product, is the base of our strategy. An element that, from one side, made OMP competitive during the previous years, and today, on the other side, makes us more confident about a future growth. as Also, we are open to new investments wherever our customers are looking, as well as wherever our markets will grow.”